Almost to Packing (9/2018)

What if I said there’s no ego?
If I said it’s only pride.
What if you knew what I’ve been through?
Would you run away and hide?

What if I said I’m just nervous?
If I said that and I’m shy.
What if you thought I was judging?
Your mind can tell you big lies.

No better or judgement,
Just nervous, thinking or thrilled.
I know where I’ve been.
I deserve a win.
But, until then,
I’ll keep trying to figure out
How I know how this all works.

It’ll take me 30 years
To tell you where the last 30 years took me.
I’ve still got so much time.

What if you said I’m a lost cause?
If you told them I was done.
What if they weren’t really finished
When they all said they had won?

What if you said I’m a bad guy?
If you said I didn’t care.
What if I came down from heaven,
To make people like you scared?

Every single person walking by
Has their own crazy, different, life.
Do you ever realize you have no idea?
Why don’t they stop to talk about it?