Bring a Mountain (9/2018)

He’s not afraid, he’s just had a long day.
At times, he feels he knows he’s losing it.
He’s not losing it, but it’s not next to him.
Reuses shedded skin. Worn thin,
His mind’s in a million places.
Sleeplessness sleeps in the lines on his face
And New York won’t stop writing letters.

The strings in the ears she gave him were singing.
Just come down, bring a mountain.
Come down, bring a smile.
Hey. Come down, bring a memory.
Come down for more than a while.

For more than a while, he wrote.

He’s still awake, because he had a long day.
Last night, the time he wrote he’s tired of it.
He’s not tired of it, but it scrambles him.
Knees bruised and shredded fins, he swims
Through time instead of leaving traces.
Restlessness wrecks all these moments and grace
And Tucson won’t stop calling today.

His anchor, she’s away. Way out on a mountain.
She built the hammer she builds her home with,
She swims in the sea.
He built his life with the life he’d been building.
He walks tired, but free.
Days awake, anchor’s far away.
Funny how a memory can
Ring you up and walk right in
And change your day.