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Realize I didn’t mean to stop?
Realize that wasn’t what I wanted?
I lost my person, lost myself,
I was feeling overwhelmed
and sometimes life takes time.

I can do it all. I can’t do it all.
Coloring words, sounds in my soul, it’s art.
I was at the end. I was at the start.

Who else would do all of this?
Pen letters to strangers in old cities everyday.
Sitting here is wasting away.
Give me a guy and give me a marker
so I can color it all.

Fill this hole, I’ll be leaving it.
Somebody trustworthy.
This all feels like working.
Find a solid foundation and I’ll leave.
Stay outside the lines,
I know what this music looks like.

This stuff lives and breathes inside me.
How are there two sides of me?
Which half of me is really free?
Please, please, please explain to me,
So I can fill me in.

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