Sandcastles in Bed (9/2018)

Craft sandcastles with the desert.
Flip it on its head.
Come on, flip the desert and then send me to bed.

Drafts, old hassles, and it’s winter.
Dripping up instead.
Come on drop your winter, then send me to bed.

Get down, flip the desert.
Get down, sent to bed.
Up there where I’m pacing.
Up there in my head.

Threw it out, all on the line, it was up in the air.
So, Saturday’s scrambling on a sidewalk somewhere.

Casting futures to the ocean.
Drip it on my head.
Come on, drip the ocean on your way to bed.

Catching questions in slow motion,
Dropping them instead.
Come on, natural motion, tuck me into bed.

Get down, natural motion.
Get down in my head.
Up there where I’m reeling,
Up there in my bed.