Demolition Lady (10/2018)

Drop, puddles move. They say, ‘it’s raining.’
I was gonna walk today.
I told you I’d break, you said you were crazy.
It’s just part of the story.
The tale we’ve been writing for ten years now.
Something about you.
There’s always been something about you.

Up. Walls are gone. They say, ‘you’re moving?’
I’m tired, I’m wired – I don’t want it all.
I was gonna walk today, it was raining.
Everyone will sleep and I’ll ride by the window.
Riding at the table. New lives, old buildings passing by.

This city blows bills while the wind brings change.

I’m more awake than ever, it’s morning.
I miss you. I’m tired. I’m not tired of writing.
Not tired from writing.
I broke and you’re crazy.
This tale is amazing.

Demolition lady,
Come wreck me when you find the time