Drinking Names (10/2018)

By a lake, familiar songs behind me.
Leaves like school busses climb fire up the siding.
Does anyone ever notice?

They sit and stand on still water,
wind slides, winds, between them.
Rock stacked tower, twelve inches on the surface.
Do they ever even notice?

She hides at a hotel, she’s drinking her name.
He stands there and watches the impending fame.
She grinds, she’s her own boss,
There’s no one the same.
He’s been here, he’s waiting, his life is his game.

The sky’s so blue and I’m down here, so high.
Do you ever smile, just to get by?

She’ll live in the ocean, she’ll go get some sun.
He’ll sleep in his own bed, when the day is done.
She’ll throw her arms around him,
when the morning comes.
He’ll listen to her soft eyes and never have to run.

With a little time, I think. I think with too much time.
So I just started spinning.
We are all just spinning.