Life, Somehow // Count Sheep (11/2018)

Life, you bring my people down.
Life, you are so deep.
Life, you move so slowly,
Life, you only steep.

Life, you know we’re tired now?
Life, just let us breathe.
Life, you move like water.
Life, you never leave.

What do you do?
Where do you sleep?
What do you think when you’re thinking of me?

Somehow walk through fake fresh air.
Somehow stay inside.
Somehow, sometimes fall apart.
Sometimes have to hide.

Somehow never let me go.
Somehow always stay.
Somehow always get through it,
Somehow find your way.

How do you dream?
Why don’t I sleep?
What will I miss if I stop to count sheep?

Who do you think I know I am?
What don’t you believe?
We think we only act like this
when we’re not asleep