Mar (10/2018)

Cupcakes on the floor, the clock reads zero.
6am and I’m waiting to sleep.
Goldfish on the counter sit next to no coffee,
and I can’t hear them talking.

Blue, red, white lights outside an open window.
They’re running, for no reason, in the rain.
Roll around up there, I’ll be lost when I wake up.
I always seem to mistake it.

Stones sang miss you.

I just kinda went outside to sit on the rails.
You just kinda spoke to me through the wire,
Words crash landing, gently, on my heart.
Trophy dog leaving. Loyal, the mess and breathing.
We miss them. They’re running above the rain,
where we know they won’t feel no pain.

The clock screams zeros,
my mind’s in another state
and I can’t hear them talking.