He’s got feet down beneath his knees.
Walks to the water while she’s out at sea.
‘One day, mermaid, take a walk with me.’

He floats his heart up above the trees.
Only comes down when she’s gone, mystery.
‘Sit down, old friend, have a talk with me.’

She creaks through wood stairs in the morning.
It’s early. Her early’s his late.
Keep on waking up on a rooftop.
She believes in fate, but she’s soaring.

Rooftop mornings, soaring.

She holds her head down, whispering.
Only finds peace while screaming her pleas.
‘If I get away, will you come with me?’

She’s got brains, they help him breathe.
Seems to light up when he is in need.
‘Hold on, dear friend. One day run with me.’

Wake me up on a rooftop.
Rooftop morning soaring.
Rewrite morning’s story.

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