Overwhelmed, Easy (10/2018)

I’ll trash that whole day now.
I’m so clear in the mirror and it’s so foggy out,
I can’t see a thing.

Sliding sideways between three white lines,
Songs about your shirt humming in my ears,
waving past the window, hoping you sleep tonight.

I’ll leave those old ways now.
I’m so close to my ghosts, they don’t ever shout.
Only have to whisper.

I’ve been walking forever
and we’re not where we all wanna be.
I know how to get there,
but who would listen to me?

Ride on next to the night, tired treads taking flight.
The wind in this city isn’t what it used to be.
But, we both know, one day it’s gonna happen.

We stood there for ten years,
What do you remember?
I don’t remember it all.
I love your love like rooftops in the rain.
The ways certain things branch out in your brain,
reaching for joy, you, and your tomorrows.
Patience and love and it’ll always happen.

Sliding sideways between the lines.
Overwhelmed and easy.