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Little cow cowboy boots go walking on a belly.
Hopping, hoping no one will ever notice.
She dances and I’m watching,
I wish I was that free.

She’s wired, swinging in her jungle.
Singing songs about lions, they’re not smiling.
I’m so full inside, cause she gets me.
I love her laugh like she loves to win.
I just wish that I was that free.

Woke up next to me, finally.
Every morning, one day, maybe.
We got an extra hour, it’s a birthday.
I’m packing, a storm in my eyes.
Leaving this, like pulling me from me.

Little cow cowboy boots were walking on a belly.
Wondering, what do they think of me?
She’s sleeping and I’m breathing.
Finally feeling free.

She’s fire, I’m paper, come closer, come inside.
Sing me songs about you to help me lose me.
Talks with dogs in the morning, figure it out.
I love her drive like she loves her wine.
Time will tell, she says.
Time. Stay by my side.

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