Sleep Driving (10/2018)

You talk about early, but you’ve never met late.
Do you ever wonder why some people stay?

You think about dreaming, but don’t get a taste.
Do you ever wonder why some people wait?

Eat when you’re hungry, breathe when you’re lost.
Remember those nights and all that you’ve got.
Do you think it’s chance you made it?

You wave when I’m walking
and your eyes set my pace.
Do you ever rewind and still win the race?

You know when I’m trailing
and you show me your grace.
Do you ever rewind just to see a face?

Let it go to waste. You won’t get a taste.
I can’t see the two faces who know me.
I don’t ever run, I just win the race.
My head’s so far ahead it’s trailing.
Let’s get together. Let’s not think about dreaming