All I Heard Was After (1/2019)

Hey there, perfect soul.
Evening, take it slow.
You don’t need to run anymore.

Hey there, morning girl.
Wake up, it’s your world.
Find you, free to fly like a bird.
To go get what you’re after.

Tired eyes, artwork, smile.
Dark haired grin wades in soulful sin.
Chaos amazes, she says, ‘I’m crazy’.
I thought, ‘I’ve always dug that’,
while I’m lost in her ocean.

She is sunrise, sunset at the same time.
Swims in the mourning that she tries to hide.
Space meets time, while her tide falls
in and out and
I float like a satellite.

Hey there, lovely dark.
Shine through, break my heart.
Take me down, create your art,
and go get what you’re after.

Hey there, midnight glow.
Find me when you go.
Feed my soul, pour me all you know.
All I heard was laughter.

Time’s all we’ve got, and it means nothing at all.
Wading in your sin. To go get what you’re after.
Waiting to begin. All I heard was laughter