Break the Beach (12/2018)

I’ll just sit here and watch the sunrise,
see what happens.
Something’s always happening.
They say time is undefeated,
do they know I am too?
Your realest smile is in your eyes. I can see it.
They don’t lie.
That empty hole,
carved out by life, loss, confusion and pain,
can now be filled
with laughs, love, soul, coffee, the perfect insane.
One more splash of love.
Old boy got soul.
Someone find somebody
who can figure out how to teach me.
Teach me less than what I already know.
Start me over, let me grow.
I’m far away and I’m next to you.
She rocks my soul. New socks, no holes.
Tired of making up my own murder,
tired of flying alone.
I don’t like that life doesn’t apologize sometimes.
I can take so much of everything.
Good, bad, everything
that I lose sight of what’s really happening.
Out of control gets extinguished by grace.
If I could fix everything, I would.
I always thought that I could.
I found balance at the bottom.
My brain’s big and my heart’s huge.
One piece breaks easy, so do two.
I’ve pummeled both down so many times,
so finely ground,
now so tightly, finely packed,
all these pieces make one and
they’re unbreakable.
Try to break the beach.