Corncob Tourist (1/2019)

Sparrow spills soul in the stardust.
Bliss band’s cookin’ on the water.
I made a mountain in the middle of the ocean
and none of this really matters.
They’re all howling up at the air.

Way out, drifting,
floating through life.
Smiling, while we
dance through tonight.

Little soul lioness isn’t here to hear this.
Sunday. Isn’t here to witness.
Building buildings on another mountain,
baking away, we’re baking in this sunshine.
One of those days, in the middle of the ocean.
King of this rock in the water.

Legends in the lobby, like chapel, it’s still Sunday.
Our band’s dancing on this water.
I’m climbing, they’re humming that bird’s song.
Security’s smiling like nothing matters,
so why can’t I stand on the stairs?

Cut through the center of the ocean
like corncobs, tourists, have a little fun.
Torn up, coral belts from the edge of the stage and
Everywhere has begun.