Cycles Off Track (12/2018)

Am I way ahead? Did they already pass?
How will I ever make anything last?
If I wait for you, will you wait for me?
I wrote you a song, but I can’t really sing.

I’ll work toward normal until I feel sane,
then in a week I’ll throw it away.
I’ll never win, but I’ll never be beat.
Can’t live off of words and they’re all that I eat.

I’ll slowly figure me out.
When I feel off balance, I shouldn’t lean on me.
Elevator up, two steps back.
One of these days I’ll stay on this track.

I get so down because I’m so dumb
and then I get high because I get numb.
Your soul is fire and my soul is wood.
Take me to school, I promise I’ll be good.

Be inspiration and don’t watch the news.
Life is my book and you are my muse.
Let’s just get out of here, grab a disguise.
We’ll write a new chapter if we can’t revise.

I’ll slowly figure me out.
I will find some balance so I can lean on me.
Give time just a little slack,
If you feel done, jump on my back.