Demon Dancing (11/2018)

All the, none the, sleep I get.
The demons here, they’re so upset.
They live next to a cigarette
that sleeps above my ear.

All the fun that we forget.
The memories there, they lost the bet.
They always give and never get
and that’s their greatest fear.

But we know nothing up there’s real,
down below is where it’s at.

So we go through life, dancing.
We go on to the stars.
We fall down in a sunset,
and wonder how we got this far.

Sat next to a silhouette.
I knew him well, we had not met.
He said, ‘breathe deep and never fret.’
before he disappeared.

Live my days with no regrets.
The demons here, they’re not a threat.
Trained, with headphones, to never let
their thoughts be what they hear