Everything’s In Pencil (1/2018)

Baker, could you tell me what time it is?
Doctor, how long I got left?
I’m steady, I’m ready when you are.
My calendar’s just penciled in.
With your pen, I go.
I take a stroll down old foggy roads.

Safety pin skirt. We’re in the dirt.
You’re free if I strut a straight line.
Religion’s head wobbling, whiskey, wine.
Are we there yet? Donkey sang.
Swinging, bats in a cage.
Welcome to the big leagues boys.
Watch water balloons out in left field.
Launch. They’re in line, they’re dancing.
Under the moon, they’re dancing.

Little cake figurine figuring it all out.
Takin’ what’s needed, little time for breathin’.
Findin’ the ground, should be so proud.
Hardened days are leavin’.
It was raining and we smiled.

Wind blowing, balance on the interstate.
I always liked the look of your face.
I was gettin’ locked up,
you were goin’ down the road.
Lifetimes worth of seasons’ change.
One day, maybe, life explains,
so I follow it down this road.

Wherever this road’s gonna go,
I hope we don’t ever know.
Bury us and watch us grow,
we’ll find a little sunshine.