Fix the Mirror (1/2018)

See a whole life behind me.
Tilt the mirror, sail the road.
I’ve got to do this on my own.

Oh, sky blue lights behind me.
Fix the mirror, feel the heat.
Steal the money, rinse and repeat.

Never see what the signs read.
Sunrise can be blinding.
Now everything’s behind me.
Now, everything’s ahead.

Green trees, with no leaves, carve the clouds.
I am the only sound,
I am out where there is no crowd
and I am surrounded by purple.

There’s one way out, behind me.
Flip the mirror, take it slow.
I did it all and they don’t know.

Left delayed doubt behind me.
From the mirror, pupils shrink.
The calming light that morning brings.

Left my shadow behind me.
Left that all behind me.