How’s My Weather? (1/2018)

Didn’t mean lose me on the beach by the border.
And I wish I had stayed
while she was building surfboards, and more.
Watch her smile, create, I’m always late.
She said she works too much,
her back hurt.
I was so lost that I left when I wanted to stay.
I still think about that day.

I get confused by letters.
I get confused by words.
Invisible smiles, my toneless text,
one day, maybe, I’ll learn.

Letters and words, why do some stay?
I worry that I may have thrown some away.
But, I’ll uncrumple this all one day.

Never meant to spill me on the mountain either.
Wanted to split,
it got booked on my biggest night. My mind.
Watch us smile, create. You’re always late.
I said I do too much,
my head hurts.
I was so lost. I stayed when I wanted to go.
I just thought that you should know.

I get confused by memories.
I get confused by thought.
I’ve learned it’s all love and patience now.
So, now those are all that I’ve got.

I lost me on a beach,
I couldn’t read my weather.
I lost me on a mountain
and I found me in a desert.