Lectures on Funny (1/2019)

Funny how we run when life’s frozen.
Easier to get it out when it’s all easy.
Lectures with ourselves.
At the podium, in the back row at the same time.
Not paying attention.
Give ourselves the worst advice.
Worried about rats, we surround us with traps.
Feel trapped, snap, but there’s cheese, atleast.

So we don’t make any noise.

Funny how we freeze when we’re moving.
Likely to soften with a little sunshine.
When, and where, it’s all easy.
We all just keep going, going
to where we think we should be, seemingly,
but nobody knows.
I don’t think we’ve thought about wrong.
Worried about right, we surrounded us with life.
Real life. Right? So we’re here, atleast.

We don’t have any choice.

Still a rock or two in our shoes.
One day we’ll be out there, walking.
Only stopping when we want to, walking.