Looking Back at Wild (1/2019)

She was standing there,
eyeing me down, smiling in the corner.
Looking back, I should’ve warned her that
I leave myself at times.
Looking back, I think I did.

I always saw all this coming.
I always saw it back then.
We always whispered of madness.
We always did it for them.

We never listened to no one.
We never listen, just leave.
We only hear what we want to.
We only do what we please.

Steel starts spinning on the rails,
but the train’s not goin’ nowhere.
Wright’s on the stereo.
Life’s on, it’s staring us all in the face.
You could make it easy but you can’t stop the race.
Won’t stop the race.
Steel starts spinning.
My wheels start moving.
They’d roll back up the mountain,
but they can’t stop the race.

Trains were waiting there,
puddles from pain stood still on the corner.
Stumbling back, she tried to warn him that
she must do what she needs.
Looking back, I think she did.

We didn’t think it could happen.
We didn’t know we’d be fine.
We should’ve lived for the moment.
We should’ve let us trust time.

He brings his bag full of brilliance.
She brings her bag full of wild.
They make a home out of simple.
They make a home out of smiles.

Looking back, I think they did.