Lost in the Distance (11/2018)

Lights blink in the distance and I don’t know why,
Imagination says, ‘old smiles saying hi.’
Talk to myself more than you these days,
so I look up to the sky.
Radio, silence, and another night.

In so far they’ve forgotten.
Been that far, I’ve walked it.
Set on a shelf what matters
and confuse all of your time.
I confused all of my life.

We’ve been on both ends.
We’re always on both ends.
So far in, lost and never know it.
Or, know but never show it.
Steady breath is ready, countdown, rebegin.

It’s right there, but they won’t take a chance.
Twisted summers spill into Fall’s trance.
Talk to themselves more than friends these days.
It’s all just part of life’s dance.
The thought, look up, deep breath and glance.

Distance shines on and we don’t know why.
If we ever leave, it’s never goodbye.
Keep it light and believe, so patiently.
Race ahead and wait for me.
Do it all so easily,
If we take our time.
If we ever leave, it’s never goodbye.
Just look up to the sky.