Nap (1/2019)

From up in my apartment,
I look out and see a street.
Screams behind me, startling,
coming from my TV.

Green, tired eyes to windows.
Look out, I hear four feet.
From frames behind, of walking.
Hanging up above me.

It’s easier to draw circles than walk a straight line.
You know I’ve always known you’d always be fine.
It’s just tough in the middle
when you’re walking.

My ear stings and my throat burns,
My head beats and my heart learns.
Saturday’s not what it once was.

From up in my apartment,
Move glass to catch a breeze.
Songs behind me, floating.
I’m standing on my feet.

Twist goodbye the sunlight.
Lay down and feel my sheets.
Soul, your sound is humming
to help me fall asleep.