One-way Avenues (1/2019)

Finds polaroids in her pocket on her ride to work.
Fingerprint paint that’s stamped on smiles. Love.
He’s in the sand, he’s so over the hill.
Loses himself, not here, then gone. Now stayed.
Twisted. Perfect. It’s beautiful.

She’s crazy. She inspires.
Twelve hands on a table,
She never looks his way
sings, ‘gimme your love.’

Just turned down the lights for a while.
Radio. Silence. Not goodbye.
One-way avenues. Life, love and time.
One-way avenues eventually collide.
Life, let me have my way.
Time, spare a minute, lead the way.
Love, when the wheels stop, will you stay?
It was each other and we thought it was us.
We got on too soon, so we stayed on the bus.

Finds polaroids in his wallet on his walk to work.
Fingerprints, puzzle, walking, spring. What love.
From silence, she shouts she’s over the hill.
Worn out, not this. Anything else will do.
Twisted. Perfect. It’s beautiful.

He’s crazy. He inspires.
Perfectly unstable.
Never looks away.
Says, ‘move like you want.’

Just turn down the lights for a while.