I left on the right side of the wrong road, I suppose.
Who can make any sense of my seven senses?
I’d give my two cents about all of this, everything,
but this mind’s a piggy bank.
Boy’s been good and saving up for years.
Fragile, magical, piggy bank.

Reach, watch, fall.
Spilled your thoughts.
Watch the sprawl, things you bought.
Watch what you don’t know you left,
right before your eyes.
Do you regret at all?

Songs cast spells on you
and you continue to listen.
With the best intentions,
they were never meant to haunt you.
Nothing ever daunted you,
nothing that you ever showed.

This train stopped me twice today, both ways.
There’s always fighting somewhere around here,
can’t figure out why.
I hear it from here
and I wonder if they hear this pickin’.
I’d toss in my two cents, but I really can’t afford it.
I’d bet my two cents on everything,
but I really can’t afford it.
My two cents.
Not today.
Not quite yet.

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