Shelter in the Sand (1/2019)

She knows all ‘bout tragic.
She knows he’s her man.
She spins in her whirlpool life,
reaching for his hand.

She don’t see his magic.
She don’t know ‘bout calm.
She laughs at the thought of joy,
while he traces her palm.

Three of them fell flat
on their faces in the desert for some reason.
Seeking more than music, maybe.
Bottom, down, found out what it’s all about.
It’s doing what you like with who you love.

If your levee breaks,
you know, the desert’s where it drains,
and Arizona would love to know ya.
It would love to taste your rain.

We built some shade here in the sand.

She remembers laughter.
She remembers smiles.
She takes aim at endless days,
wrecks them for a while.

She rewinds to memories.
She rewinds and goes.
She skips to the beginning,
with everything she knows.

Sand slides through the hands of time
and we get what we’re after.
Built some shelter in the sand.