Stepped in a Puzzle (1/2019)

Preachers preach about a person
nobody will ever know.
They won’t meet him.
Think they need him.
They’ve done nothing, He’s done all.
How ridiculous is that?

Give ‘Him’ all the credit.
Smile, never shout.
Stay inside your circle,
starve on your self doubt.

What’s meaningless?
What makes you learn?
I only ever got anything
on the other side of the line.
Choose to be alone, as if we’ll never know.
I saw myself in a puddle, and thought.

Teachers teaching lessons
to children who don’t want to learn.
Grades are funny.
They mean nothing.
Judgement drawn on staying in lines.
What if ‘right’ is out there?

I’ll take all your red A’s.
I’ll make them so proud.
I’ll stay inside their circle,
and then I’ll break us out.

What’s dreaming this?
What makes me learn?
You only ever thought everything
was part of the ride. Sat in line.
Follow what you know, find yourself alone.
Someone stepped in a puddle and I stopped.