This Past 31st (1/2019)

Pumps and lungs.
Deflated aliens taking up space,
so I glide on back to the alley.

Dressed their best.
Movement, that wonder under confetti.
I’ve never had a dream like this.

Wonder when I’ll wake up.
I hope I never wake up.
Stairway to small door, leading to so much more.
I was climbing.
They know me, and I am not what I do, I think.
I hope I never wake up from this dream.

Bring us things.
Give all of us just what we need, my plea.
I’ve never really asked for much.

When was then?
This grew and moved so slowly, now running.
It’s been everything for a while.

Wonder when I’ll wake up.
Start a new year, because there’s no ‘time’ left.
Circus ride, fifty three weeks,
and I don’t know where I went.
And I came back, now I don’t want to wake up.