Tuppence for Paper (1/2019)

Strung my imagination on a kite
watched it take flight, man it was windy.

Just beneath the cloud is where I found my place.
Just this side of the cloud.
It’s all seen, never captured
and they don’t believe me. I’ve seen things.

Above conversations from my life,
future goodbyes, man that got messy.

Just before farewell is where I found my place.
Just that side of farewell.
It’s all me, can’t be captured.
Sometimes I believe me. It’s crazy.

Or is it my imagination?
Spin in silence.
I tell stories to my crowd,
but I’m the only one around.
Way out, this weather’s getting loud.
Before farewell, beneath the cloud.
That’s where I’d like to be right now.

I’ll just grab the wind.
I’ll just reel me in.