Winter’s Glow (2/2019)

Dozing off in TV clothes.
Summer falls into winter’s glow.
I made my way backwards through the snow
so no one could ever track me down.

Play for me, like cool jazz cats.
Worry free and so calmly, fast.
We’re moving forward toward our past,
only few could ever follow me.

Thinking what the neighbors think.
Tunes from all over time always blast.
Skip my soundtrack back, let me sing.
Humming never made any sense to me.
What would it be without this soul?
This sound, heart, makes me go, get it all out.

Songs stir thoughts back to you.
Smile, strut, elegant art.
Black, in back, masterful smarts.
Do you see how well you rock it?
That’s what I thought in your office.
That was the first time I sang it.

Time has passed, what still lasts?
Not afraid of doing alone, what I do,
just always loved the heart and soul of you.
Winters pass, calmly fast.
Not afraid of seeing if dreams come true,
just always hoped it would be with you.

Cool jazz cats, my soundtrack, winter’s glow,
it all slows down.
Wonder if the neighbor’s hear
this song the same way.