I’ll take a trolley to my youth,
Go do the things I used to do.
Those things always got me through
and back then this was easy.

I’ll spend a day with my best friend.
Go past the signs, past where it ends.
Down to where the river bends
so nobody can see us.

These days I finally feel I know where I’m going.
Today I feel so calm.
Right now my ride’s just starting,
won’t you come along?
You make me better, after all. All of this and all.
A lifetime with my partner in crime.
We know sometimes we both fall.

I’ll sing a song she sang to me,
In my deck, she’s more than a Queen.
One of a kind, cause she gets me,
and that beats what they offer.

I’ll take a moment with this air
and plan out how to get us there.
Crawl up life’s hardest flight of stairs
to a room that we’ll call ‘ours’.

Soul, blues and only one you
and we’ll get what we’re after.

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