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Slow drip, morning trip to color corner for Teacher.
Loved the ambiance, a bit more avocado maybe.
The place was on her level,
and she never went for the cookin’.
Just felt right at home.

Doctor baked it all, brought her smiles.
Fixed it all, worked for miles, it never showed.
She glows.
Teacher said there’s something about
the way she lives, she loved her style.
The way she moves, I love her style.
Haven’t seen anything like that in a while.
I see it in her eyes.

She’d speak lessons while I waited, dreaming
of the life and heartache by the burners in back.
Traffic doors always opened while I sat staring.
Doctor, teacher, me and three smiles cracked.

A mermaid, the Doctor, swimming in the kitchen.
Made of steel, flipping cakes, flipping houses,
always stains on her blouse and she’d smile.
Maybe why the teacher loved her style.

Bring me back there again.
Smiles and food, the blue, and the best company.
It all felt like home to me.
Tell me home hasn’t left yet.
Tell me that it’s still around.
Back there again.
Like home until the end.

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