Standing in Slow Motion (2/2019)

Blasted off for at least two years.
My rocket, crafted sans landing gear.
Countdown, fuse and watch it go.
Slow motion fireworks show.
Crawling light cannot explode.
Learning to embrace embracing my crazy.
To be happy.
But, does today ever actually go away?
Or, is it one of those things that stays?
Like the question of whether this thing will work out
and their notion that I’m crazy.

Treading life with kindness and a smile,
watching worried, frozen hearts catch fire.
Sugar on my lips and hope in everything I do.

I’m just a little glimmer of sunshine on the surface.
Reflection on the water, waiting for your wave.
Break me into pieces, make me feel ok.
Feel I feel ok. Ok with what I choose.
Not getting what you wanted,
you’ve always loved the blues.
Never showing no worry,
plastered in blue batter blues. With soul, I’m here.
Just blasted off for a couple of years.

Slow motion standing.
Stood still to explore what’s up there.
Explore, and unwind what got crossed
before we get this going.
All our shades of blue and everything, more.
When everything slows, it won’t explode.