Telephones (2/2019)

What do I live for?
Why do I breathe?
What am I seeking that will make me me?

What can I give up?
What do I need?
Who fills my heart, of the souls that I feed?

In the center of a hurricane,
is where I’m most at ease.
Something else to think about,
there’s no questioning.
And I’m becoming me.

Telephones left me nothing but lost.
They never sent any of my thoughts.
So I sit here, at the end of today,
without ever saying what I had to say.

Telephones never treated me right.
They only keep me awake at night.
Walked for ten years inside of my head,
without ever hearing what would have been said.

To wonder what I would have heard.

When do I feel it?
When am I free?
Am I surrounded with good company?

Why do I question?
What do I hear?
Live without changes, or live inside fear?

To wonder what I would have heard.
Gave me things to think about.