Rain Vent // Let’s Begin (2/2019)

Just tired of all this on my own.
Just tired of gnawing the bone.
Just tired of missing some people,
and all of the love that I owe.

Just tired of the things that I say.
Just tired of all of today.
Just tired of distance and silence,
and how I get in my own way.

The mourning at night isn’t crazy these days.
Fixed that. Confusion now, delusion went away.
When’d it get like this, so much missing you
and I don’t know what I can do.
Just stay busy. Don’t tell stories.
Don’t do that, that gets boring.
Make your day your song again.
Make my life that song again.
Nothing ever stopped two best friends,
in time, time whispers, ‘rebegin.’

Just missing that big glass of wine.
Just missing my partner in crime.
Just missing the laughs by the pool
and the feeling when smiles collide.

Just missing the way that she wins.
Just missing the laugh and the grin.
Just missing the way that she works,
like she‘s wise, she knows not to sprint.

One of a kind in my mind.
Throw your bicycles on the table, boys,
she’ll take them.
Your problems are jacks to her, knows no fear.
All that time, foggy, is now crystal clear.
Breaking it down to build it back up.
Throw your bicycles on the table, life.
I bet she wins.
In time, time whispers,
‘Life, let’s begin.’