She’s like a firefly.
I swear she’d been soaked in lightning three times.
Her light so bright, she bothered night,
I swear she lit up the sky.

Let me into your darkness and light.
Mystery to me. Intriguing me.
Moving like you do.
Leave me crawling back like the moon
each evening.
She didn’t see what I saw in her.

She was a raindrop.
I swear when she fell, she made my heart stop.
Her fall was caught by the hands I brought.
I swear she fell deep in love.

We got so used to falling.
I know some things can’t stay.
Sir, take all of my sunshine,
but please not this, I pray.

Life in the air, always moving.
Flying or falling. Exhausting.
Shine not so bright for a while, let it glow.
Slowly, it all slows.
The dropping, it’s stopping.
Light leaves trails so darkness knows
that she’ll be back tomorrow.

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