Light Ears (3/2019)

Strutting ‘round this town of mind.
Swimming down a street.
Drowning in an easy smile, the happiness I see.

Hanging up a frame of mind
Looking down at me.
Staring into distant eyes, blinking suddenly.

Everything’s brighter in the ears she gave me.
Everything, a little lighter with these ears.
Ears she gave me, in my car, near January.

Feeling light as a strand of a feather.
Everyday, lately, today gets better.
As if I ran and jumped right now, I’d certainly fly.
Way out there, maybe I’d hit my head on the sky.
So I’ll just float around… Yeah.
Even when I’m grounded.

Funny feeling, being grounded up here.
Always wondering if hearts pounded up there.
Floating all these days, by my side, her way.
Distance does things and things start to stray,
but happy, eventually, always shows its face.

Past weighs down her future cheer.
A little lighter in her ear.
Some songs travel to familiar faces.
Brighter, lighter just after we face this.
Time, sometimes, takes swimming for miles,
before it’s all floating with smiles.

Happy always shows its face.
Looking down at me,
blinking suddenly.