The Same (3/2019)

You begin, you only listen.
You begin, you haven’t missed it.
You begin, you’ll be ok.
Without expectations, you won’t go astray.

You be young, you have some fun now.
You be young, you have no trouble.
You be young, you live all day.
Wade in the moment and you’ll pave the way.

You be fine, you always make it.
You be fine, you never breaking.
You be fine, you can be strange.
No time for normal, and it’s not today.

You be wise, you sell your castle.
You be wise, you use my shadow.
You be wise, you walk away.
You follow your heart, so your head won’t sway.

and there’s no more dismay.
and you can’t find too late.
it’s fortune and it’s fate
that you negotiate.
what if they’re the same?
you walk away.
you can be strange.
you live all day.
you’ll be ok.
I think we’re the same.