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Sit at the end of this lopsided bed,
stare at my shoes and I say ‘what’s the use,
it’s just walking.’

Sidewalk’s still cool, ten toes tip by the pool,
she roams my head, so I dive in instead.
It’s a Friday.

They know yes or no. They see black and white.
Can’t imagine they lack imagination.
We dialed in the AM, walked right into the station.
We thought we were driving,
figured we were in control.
Time, lead the way. Color it in as we wander.
However I want, I’ll wander.
Color it in, filling it, pouring it in, into imagination.
However, wherever, we want to.

Nothing has to stay the same.
Adding light as colors change.
Fixed my tune, the one I sang
that was my life, it is today.

Dripping with night, survived the day long fight.
Wicked by the breeze, some time on my trapeze,
then I sit down.

Laying alone on this plastic band throne,
play it like strings, the songs she used to sing.
It’s just cheap wine.

Color it in as I wander.
Color it in like I want to.
Color it in as I please.
Color it in, on my knees.
Color it in, one day, with me.

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