Thoughts from a Moon (3/2019)

What if truth is make believe?
There’s so much curiosity.
What if the moon speaks to stars
and asks them how they’re where they are?

How is it that I can be,
with all of this uncertainty?
How is it you got so far,
when I can’t even find my car?

Why does distance never leave?
It seems to be surrounding me.
Why does evening make me glow?
Then I stand out and, I don’t know…

Who would ever disagree
with dreams of fleeing to be free?
Who would wait and watch me grow
into myself before we go?

Sunshine sometimes feels like hell.
Tonight, I pray I’m my whole self.

Morning shows, I fade away
to hide behind another day.
When darkness comes, I’ll find my way,
ignoring what the stars might say.
So much out there to think of.
So much out there to see.
As soon as stars stop watching,
I find that I am me.
As soon as stars stop watching,
I feel that I am free.