Time to Space (3/2019)

Friendly, frightened, rocket ship
gliding past the sand.
Little silhouette of me
sinking in my hand.

Righteous raindrops find themselves,
take off to the sky.
Spinning pirouettes and webs,
dripping as they climb.

Together at a party.

Slowly, smiles smother shouts and
reason starts to rhyme.
Lately, laughter laughs at doubt and
darkness loves to shine.

Time takes breaks. Yeah.
Time just needs some time and space.
Together at a party.

Lifetimes limbo on a plate,
cherish what’s not chewed.
Frenzied, frantic nights survived
throw life into you.

Tipping, tired, friend of mine,
take some time to breathe.
If you boil overboard,
you can float with me.

Together at a party.