Evening Weeks (3/2019)

Storyteller, find your voice,
turn these pages to a choice.
They’re stuck in hell without a sail,
so please return and spill your tale.

Life contestant, choose a door.
Your two options: change or more.
You can’t come back if you don’t leave.
Are you afraid of what you need?

Shaking frames, easel breathing.
Enough of everything, release me.

Whisper to night,
mind conversations walk up to the mic.
Colors leak into black and white,
and words are finally speaking.

Writer, writer, write it out.
Make sense of nothing with no doubt.
If you stay here you’ll never know
what will happen if you go.

Painter, painting, make it loud.
Wear your colors and be a clown.
Every brushstroke is a day,
can’t fathom why you’d still use gray.

Black and white suddenly speaking.
Black and white colored in, breathing.
Finally speaking with evening,
with words, somehow, bringing us life.