If I’m Asleep (4/2019)

Show me life, I’ve got all day.
Why is it that there is hate?
Show me how we got to this,
and all the things that we dismissed.

Show me, man, you can’t just say.
Eye me down ‘cause I don’t pray.
Show me proof he lies beneath,
I’ll say, ‘she sleeps in NYC.’

Show me what won’t go away,
somehow all this love has stayed.
Show me what you meant back then.
Tell me that we’ll still be friends.

Everything up in the air.
I slow down, let it fall, land somewhere.

I’d say, ‘I wish this wouldn’t leave.’
but, silence gets the best of me.
If I’m asleep, when I awake
I hope some of this stays the same.
We were singing by my side.
We were singing side by side.
We were just starting to take the ride.
If I’m asleep, when I awake,
I hope some of this will stay the same.
If I’m asleep.