Finally Thoughtless (4/2019)

Light struts,
bringing deep darkness brighter words.
Lifetimes listening, but never heard.

Who would talk so loud?
Why the grand performance?
Sap, soft, delicate, dangles from a tree.
Sweetness seeping,
still or moving.
Can’t tell. Never know. Leaving.
Just listening.

Time swings,
circles a far off thought that won’t speak.
Limbo. Listening. Bottom or peak.

Stew, and talk about,
then know no performance.
Live so patiently, angels on their knees.
Calming wonder,
thoughtless movie.
Just fell. Never know. Breathing.
Just listening.

Sweet, sweet strings waving with the wind.
Wind chimes sing, steering this a little further.
Strings stretched, they heard her.
Leaves were breathing, leaving no doubt.