My God (4/2019)

My god is a song.
Off-notes, letting demons throw down.
Working toward my favorite version.

My god is a song.
Skipped hits, little lies for no reason.
Working toward an early version.

Sometimes the song is a moment.
Sometimes the song is this life.
Sometimes the song gets forgotten.
Sometimes it’s something I write.

Better – never real, only preference.
Play through this lifetime with reverence.
There’s work to be done, but I’m learning
and I’ve always liked this part.

My god is a song.
Hit peaks, doing fascinating things.
Working toward my most beautiful version.

My god is a song.
Heart-notes are handwritten letters.
Working toward what’s,
to my ears,
a perfect version.

Starts so slow,
gets weird,
then whispers.

Play it gently.
Play it, beautiful.