Down to Build It (5/2019)

Hurricane mermaid, felt you coming.
Steady, slowed and ready to steal me away.
I saw it, I saw it all, I saw everything in that night.
Shore, shore, it’s fine, saw it all.
The storm that swam underneath the marquee.

Carefree worrier, cautious warrior
reconvening one day under sunshine.
Hurricane mermaid saw it all coming.
Never stay, can’t leave, anyway. Never running.
Keep swimming
while we cultivate our own gardens,
reconvening when they’re ready.

After it storms for a while.
A little sunshine’s bound to breakthrough.

Maybe change our names and replant this thing.
Floating so long, losing roots.
Dropped off in the desert.
Water and sunshine myself.
Swear I’ve been through this before.
The brightest flowers seem to sink
before blooming again.
The way love stumbles through life,
rumbling through this garden.
Petals push themselves,
coloring hills, hues of future and familiar.
Always understanding
what sleeps inside of a storm.

Hurricane come back again.
Tear a house down to build it.
Hurricane, won’t you be my friend?
Wash away whatever with time
and watch as it begins.
Wash away whatever with time.