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I believe the brighter the light,
the darker the demons.
Man, I’m like a moth.
Take me to the evening.

There’s always been something about it,
been loving that light forever.
Deep love without demons doesn’t exist.
Demons leave and leave it room to live.
Everybody’s got a skeleton somewhere.
Been desperate for dark forever,
there’s always been something about it.

I believe the darker the night,
the later I’m leaving.
Man, I’m like a moth.
Get me through the evening.

Light creaks in as a little door opens.
Done-with demons flee, too tired to fight.
I see a little love lean in.
Oh what a beautiful evening,
back in the grass, taking off for dark and light.

Dust from stars, like morning moths.
Star, stay there ‘til I get there.
A little too lost in the darkness.
A little too close to the light.

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