I’ll Be The Sand (5/2019)

Untied the tangle up here to spill a few thoughts
about thinking, love and living.
Though, I’m not certain I really know a thing.
Like, you’d be a queen, but I’ll never be a king.

So, we’ve got imagination.

I’ll be the sand, ready to play.
You’ll be the wind, you’ll blow me away.

I’ll be the sunset, you’ll be the wake.
You’ll wander, roving, while my mirror shakes.

I’ll be the moon and you’ll be a star,
and I’ll come and go, while you shine so hard.

You’ll be the ocean and I’ll be the sand,
and you’ll pummel me and I’ll understand.

I’ll be the sand. I understand.
Show up, blow me away.

So, we’ve got imagination
and footprints by the sea.
You’d be a queen,
but I don’t think I’ll ever be a king.
Seems life is living, love and thinking.
I’ll be the sand.
Please, show up, blow me away.