Shouldn’t Have Tried To Stand There (5/2019) years

Listen up, lady your afternoon is my life.
I’m moving and I can’t move
and now the doctor’s off to South Africa too.
I’ve been up, tracking down a new one.

He just fell off a chair.
Customers sat there and stared
flipped lids while you stood outside
and then we asked you to talk about it.

Lady, you’re lookin’ at me?
I just didn’t want the corn.
If you only knew what I’m thinking.
Lady, I’m eating.
This hurts and my heart’s not helping.
I picked him up and my right leg fell off.
Left it right there.

Meter maid, leave. Your afternoon will be better.
I’m walkin’ and it hurts to go,
don’t make me come back.
I paid for it, you can trust me.

Listen up, lady.
I arrived, with the tacos, at the same time.
So, why’d you make assumptions?
I just didn’t want the corn and
he just shouldn’t have stood there.
An office chair rolled inside from the sidewalk
while we walked across the street.
Red, white, blue lights ran off screaming.
Really, I’m not sure of the colors.
I don’t know that it ever even made a sound.
I just can’t remember,
maybe I never learned.
It’s the two greatest things on a roll,
so how is it overrated?
Say what you want, I’ll eat it, eat, ate it already?
Whatchoo doin’ with yer hands, lady?
He’s still walking,
so you’re on his time right now.